Weekend 4.19-4.21

This weekend I attended the Avengers Assemble Premiere, the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Warner Bros. Studios, and went to Brighton! It has been a great last weekend in London since next weekend I’ll be in Spain!

I got to the Avengers premiere about three hours early on Thursday and got a great view from the second floor looking down.  It was in a mall and it had a big red carpet and stage set up with lights and screens.  All the actors made a big entrance when they came out and then proceeded to meet the fans, do press, and pose for pictures.  It was great to see everything at once from above and observe everything.  I didn’t feel like being squished and on my tip toes the whole time trying to see so how I was happy having a clear view from up above.  I saw Scarlet Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, and Cobie Smulders.  Chris Evans was missing though :( Definitely the biggest premiere I’ve ever seen.

On Friday, I took a train to Warner Bros for the Harry Potter Studio tour! It was soo amazing to see all the sets and props used. Other than the sets and props, everything that was involved in the process was displayed such as designs, models, hair, make-up, masks, etc.  Basically all the sets and characters were designed on paper or made “white card” models before it was put to life so it was interesting to see the models especially the Hogwarts model which was incredible.

Then today, Saturday, I went on a school trip to Brighton! It’s a town right on the coast with a beach, pier, rides, and lots of great shopping.  The ocean was so beautiful and  the pier was fun.  It was cold and windy and it kept switching from sunny to rainy, but that’s typical England weather.  It was sunny most of the time though and we had a nice meal on the pier.

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